Emma Watson and Miles Teller will start filming La La Land in March.

Miles Teller said this in an interview for Bustle.

“Next summer is Legion. The summer after is the next Fantastic Four and then the next Legion. And I know I’m doing – the director of Whiplash, Damien – I know I’m doing his next film in March. Me and Emma Watson. And then, hopefully I can do something in the fall,” he explains.


Emma Watsonsigning autographs.

More pictures of Emma Watson at  the Uruguayan Parliament.

Emma Watson kicked off her first duties as a UN Ambassador this morning, September 17, in Uruguay. The young actress was on hand to help deliver signatures to the National Parliament in order to enact a new law that will ensure female representation in Uruguay politics.

Emma will then head up to New York City where she will continue her Ambassador work by co-hosting the UN Women’s HeForShe campaign. Emma Was announced as the UN’s Women Goodwill Ambassador earlier this year.


Emma Watson arriving at the Uruguayan parliament.

Emma Watson attending the Uruguay parliament today on 17,09,2014.

More pictures of Emma Watson at the Uruguayan parliament.

Emma Watson at the Uruguayan parliament.

gabbygrl247 SAID:
I'm really happy the Emma gets to have time to herself and be out of the spotlight but I also want new pics and stuff. Is that bad?

I think isn’t bad,if is in the limits of the normal.I think everyone is like that.At least she’s famous, and is it assumed reaction people to wants to heard more from her.